Auto-updating Privacy Policy Add-on

Includes a cookie policy 🍪


Most coaching sites collect personal info and so most coaching sites should have a privacy policy.

If you want to learn more about this, read my blog post Do I need a privacy policy for my coaching website?.

If you want to protect yourself with a privacy policy, just complete the form on this page.

How to get a privacy policy for your coaching site

To help keep you protected, I’ve partnered with an industry-leading privacy policy generator called Termageddon.

Termageddon will automatically update your website policies when the laws change (as well as notify you when changes are coming), and they do it at a fraction of the cost of a privacy attorney.

I don't know about you, but I love it when I can just "set it and forget it".

That’s why I use their policies on my company website too.

With LCSME you get 10% off your first-year payment to Termageddon. They'll also personally guide you through the setup process to ensure it's done right!

All for just $99 / year.

It's easy: Just fill out the form below to get the coupon code and I’ll connect you with a privacy expert if you want the guided setup.


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