Two books that will help new coaches land more clients

Landing clients is one of the biggest challenges that coaches face. That's why you need to check out these two books. They'll help you hone your message and sell your services without feeling salesy.

Website Content Workbook for new clients

A comprehensive guide to preparing your website content, including how to craft compelling copy that resonates with potential clients. You're offered the workbook during our signup process. It's one of the many ways we make it easier to launch your website.

New features to save you time and money!

The new version of Life Coach Sites Made Easy is available! 🤩 Besides all the great features that make LCSME so popular, I've added some new ones, including Booking calendar, Membership sites, Online courses, AI writing assistant, and Site Setup!

11 Canva Keyboard Shortcuts for Coaches

Designing can take up a lot time, and if there’s one thing that often seems to be in short supply… it’s time! I'm going to share 11 of my favorite Canva keyboard shortcuts for coaches so that you can save hours while designing your next eye-catching project.

Infostack Review: Is the Coach to Profit 3.0 Super Stack worth it?

The Coach to Profit 3.0 Super Stack is a comprehensive coach training program, including video courses, audio courses, and an extensive library of resources and tools for a coaching business to grow and thrive.

The Best 5 Website Builders for Life Coaches

I’ve summarized the best 5 website builders for life coaches. If you want to quickly grow your coaching business, you’ll want to use the best tools available. Let’s take a look and find the right one for you!
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