The Best 5 Website Builders for Life Coaches

The Best 5 Website Builders for Life Coaches

Update: The first option in this list no longer offers a site builder (They now focus on providing expert help for your tech roadblocks). The other platforms in this list are still good options.

According to IBIS World, there are over 17K life coaches in the United States and over 1.88 billion websites. Why does that matter if you’re looking for a website builder for a new life coaching website?

Because the competition in our digital world is more difficult now than it ever has been before and if you want the upper hand, then you’ll need to take advantage of every resource you can, which means finding the best website builder for your coaching site.

That’s why we’ve summarized the best 5 website builders for life coaches. If you want to quickly grow your coaching business, you’ll want to use the best tools available. Let’s take a look and find the right one for you!

If you’re in a hurry and just want a quick answer, head down to the bottom of the page for our quick review of the best 5 website builders for life coaches. 

What to Look For in A Website Builder

There are A LOT of website builders available to choose from and that number continues to rise every year. Although having lots of choices can be good, it can also be confusing and stressful. You might find yourself asking questions such as

  • What is the difference from one website builder to the next?
  • Which website builder has the best templates for life coaches?
  • Which ones offer support?
  • Does it include CRM or SEO?
  • What about mobile optimization?
how to build a website for life coaches

And the list goes on and on. DON’T WORRY THOUGH. That’s why we’ve written this article. To answer all of your questions and to point you towards the best option for your new website!

To get started, here are a couple of things that you should take note of and think about as we look at and browse through the different website builders. 

 For yourself/business

  • What are your goals?
  • Are you going to be hiring someone to build the website 
  • Are you going to be doing the SEO yourself?
  • Will you be doing or wanting a blog 
  • Will you be selling products or services via online through your website?
  • Think about any advanced features you may want on your website, does it offer that?

Things to note and think about for the platform

  • Does the platform offer drag-n-drop customization or do you need to know how to code?
  • Does it have a built-in booking calendar?
  • Can you use it to sell courses or build a membership site?
  • Does it offer e-signatures for your online contracts?
  • Does the platform have tutorials or education videos?
  • Do they offer support and video tutorials?
  • Does the platform support blogs?
  • Do they offer CRM or a way to integrate your preferred CRM platform?
  • How customizable is it and how limited are the elements?

Now that you’ve got a list going and have an idea of what you’ll need and want from the website builder, let’s take a look at our top 5 website builder recommendations for life coaches. 

1. Life Coach Sites Made Easy (LCSME)

life coach sites made easy

About: Life Coach Sites Made Easy or LCSME is a website builder specifically for coaches. It gives you a beautiful site without the struggles you might have with other generic website builders. It’s made to be easy, but still very customizable.

The key point to think about with LCSME is that it was designed specifically for coaches. It helps you not only launch your site but also land new clients.

“I believe that coaches should be able to set up their website without too much hassle and without breaking the bank.” -Kyler Ayim (Founder of LCSME)

It comes in as the number one choice for coaches because that’s exactly what it was designed for… coaches! 

Features LCSME has to offer: The platform was designed to help you accomplish anything you’d need from your coaching website; ranging from a starter site to a full membership site.

Features include a booking calendar, landing pages, built-in SEO tool, sell courses or subscriptions, create questionnaires or polls, creative pop-ups, and so much more.

There isn’t much you can’t accomplish on the platform.

Did we mention that you don’t need to know or learn any coding? It’s drag and drop elements, which means anyone can do it!

It also offers top-of-line customer support, like real human beings. You won’t be stuck and frustrated talking to AI.

And with their step-by-step video tutorials you might not even need the support.

Their exclusive services are a bonus, because sometimes even the DIY-type needs a hand. LCSME subscribers enjoy members-only website and graphics services like logo creation and site setup.

Lastly, think about the overall platform: Life Coach Sites Made Easy was designed specifically for coaches. Using a site builder that specializes in coaching websites just makes things easier, faster, and better for your coaching career!

Pricing: LCSME’s site builder is no longer available. They now focus on providing expert help for your tech roadblocks.

2. WIX


About: WIX is a popular cloud-based website builder for not just coaches but every industry. They don’t cater towards one demographic or industry, but rather market their platform as a one-size-fits-all. Don’t let that discourage you though, they offer a lot of different templates that cover almost every type of website builder you can think of, including one or two for coaching. 

Features WIX has to offer: WIX is a user-friendly platform. They offer both drag and drop capabilities as well as coding. This allows you to have the best of both worlds if you know how to code. The platform allows you to create and work on all of your basic website needs. There are a couple of limitations though unless you know how to code. However, their list of elements to use is very extensive. 

Pricing: Depending on your wants or needs, WIX can be on the pricey side. However, they do have cheaper plans as well. They offer quite a lot of different packages and in three different categories, personal, business, and enterprise. These packages range from free (with ads on your site) to $59+ USD a month. 

Additional notes: WIX is another excellent choice and will offer all of your needs for both a simple and complex coaching site. The platform got flack about bad SEO in the past, but it has changed a lot over the years and you shouldn’t have concerns about this anymore.


About: When it comes to website builders, WordPress is going to be your most comprehensive builder on the list. It has more choices, capabilities, and functionality. However, this can complicate things and make creating, running, and managing a site, much much harder. 

You can meet all of your most basic and complex website needs with the builder. They don’t offer coaching templates, however, you can find 3rd party themes and migrate them over to WordPress.

Features WordPress has to offer: As we mentioned, the platform does offer more features and complexity, but that doesn’t mean you need to know code. Like our other website builders on the list, it offers a way to build your site with drag and drop, but this can cost more. 

Pricing: WordPress packages range from as cheap as free (with ads on your site and no support) to $59+ USD. This however only covers your WordPress domain. You’ll still need to find a theme and pay for it, unless you just want to use one of the demo themes. 

Additional notes: WordPress is a very popular choice and offers a ton of different options. If you want a more complex and involved website, this may be a good choice. There are two different versions of WordPress. The self-hosted and Don’t get the two confused as we are talking about the .com.

4. Squarespace

About: Squarespace is a hosting website builder that focuses on ease of use and allows users to not worry about hosting. They offer a ton of different website designs to help you get started. The downside to Squarespace is its limitations. It’s very simple to work with, but that means it’s limited on the customization and elements to work with. 

Features Squarespace has to offer: They have a full collection of starter templates to browse through and pick. Once you have one, it’s simple enough to edit from there and customize it to your style. It offers a variety of options for your site from selling products online, offering discounts, pop-ups, and more. 

Pricing: They offer users four different packages to choose from which range from $23 to $65 USD a month. 

Additional notes: The platform is simple to use and editing is fairly easy to handle, even without experience. But it has a lot of limitations of what you can do on your website and the customization. It’s also important to note that you are even more limited on what you can change on the mobile version, it is mostly automated for you. 

5. Weebly


About: Weebly’s platform allows users to find themes they like (They don’t offer coaching themes), edit it with drag and drop builder, and publish their site, all very quickly. This is going to be the most simple and limited platform on this list.

Features Weebly has to offer: Every plan allows you to have e-commerce capabilities to sell online. It allows for photos, galleries, sliders, and a few other elements, but not very many. 

Pricing: The pricing for Weebly is from Free (with ads on your site) to $25 USD a month (when paid yearly)

Additional notes: They charge a 3% transaction fee for all purchases. You also have almost zero control over your mobile version. It’s all automated for you based on your desktop version. Much like Squarespace, you are very limited with customization and elements to work with. 

So, What Are The Best 5 Website Builders for Life Coaches?

In short, these are the top 5 website builders for life coaches. We highly recommend all 5 above all other website builders. These are the overall best choices to get your coaching business up and running and to eventually become very successful!

Best 5 Website Builders for Life Coaches

Here is a recap and order of what we recommend. 

Update: The first option in this list no longer offers a site builder (They now focus on providing expert help for your tech roadblocks). The other platforms in this list are still good options.

Life Coach Sites Made Easy

LCSME is at the top of our list because the entire platform and was designed with coaches in mind. What better site builder to go with than one specifically designed for coaches? It offers everything that a life coach would need on a website. All you need to do is personalize it with your style (or get them to help you set it up). From beautifully designed templates, a booking calendar, to built-in SEO, CRM integrations, smart pop-ups, full support, tutorial videos, and so much more! Life Coach Sites Made Easy is our top recommendation for a website builder for life coaches. 


WIX is another great platform to get your site up and running. They offer a ton of templates to choose from, however, most of these are bare bones. If you pay for their premium service, they do offer very good customer service. The platform offers both drag-n-drop and coding capabilities. They’re quite affordable with their cheapest plan being free (with ads on your site). WIX comes in at 2nd place as a user-friendly and easy-to-use website builder. (not .org) is another website builder that should be considered. They offer an array of different templates and options for your website. They can be a more complicated platform than any other choices on the list. Which can be considered either bad or good depending on your needs. They are also one of the most used platforms and offer all of your more basic needs for a website. 


Squarespace provides pre-built website templates as well as supporting third-party themes. They offer easy-to-use drag-and-drop elements. They are much more basic than your website builders such as WordPress. Although they offer domains, e-commerce, calendar, and most of your website basic needs. 


Last on our list is Weebly. Another great and user-friendly platform. They offer more simplified templates that are customizable. They offer a few different payment plans and cover the majority of your basic website needs. The biggest thing to note is that you are not able to edit the majority of the mobile version of your site with their platform. This auto-generated which is convenient, but not great if you want it to be more customized. 

Have questions? Keep reading to see our FAQ.

Building a coaching website

Website Builder For Coaches FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions for website builders for coaches. 

What is the number one website builder for coaches?

We have Life Coach Sites Made Easy at the top of our list as the best website builder for coaches AND for good reason. It offers everything you need for a full-featured coaching website. It also makes it easy with step-by-step video tutorials, offers full support, and everything was made with coaches in mind. Not to mention they offer exclusive services to subscribers if they want extra stuff like logo design or site setup.

Which website builder will help me set up my site?

Website builders are great because you can build your site by yourself, saving you thousands of dollars on custom website design. However, sometimes even the DIY-type need a hand.

Life Coach Sites Made Easy is unique because you can optionally buy their Content Workbook (step-by-step instructions on how to write your website content) or Site Setup (add your text/images, configure settings, and create new pages as needed).

Because of this, LCSME is the best of both worlds when it comes to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and DFY (Done-For-You).

Do I need a privacy policy page for my coaching site?

In short, yes. It’s possibly the most important legal agreement for your online coaching business! You can read more details about the privacy policy page for coaching sites in our blog. 

How do I create a life coaching website?

  1. Choose a website builder
  2. Sign up for a plan
  3. Think of a domain name
  4. Pick a template 
  5. Customize to your style
  6. Add your content
  7. Connect your social
  8. Launch your site
  9. Celebrate! 🎉

What to look for in a website builder?

We discussed this in more detail already but here are a few keynotes

  • User-friendly: drag-n-drop customization
  • Sell courses and build membership sites
  • E-signatures for coaching contracts
  • Tutorials or educational videos
  • Full support
  • Allows online transactions
  • Supports unlimited pages and blogs
  • CRM Integration
  • Allows advanced features
  • SEO friendly

If we didn’t answer your question in this FAQ or within the article, we still want to help you. Just head over to our contact page and send us a message. If we don’t already have the answer for you, we’ll find out and get back to you quickly. 


Choosing The Right Website Builder For Your Coaching Site

We’ve gone over your top 5 website builders for a life coaching site. So, which one should you go with? That all depends on your goals, needs, and wants. Think about the different things to consider that we discussed earlier and weigh them between each platform.

When it comes down to it, our number one choice for a website builder for life coaches is Life Coach Sites Made Easy (aka LCSME). When you take a platform that was designed specifically for life coaches it just makes things easier, faster, and better for your coaching career. 

If you have questions about any of these platforms or how to get started building your site with Life Coach Sites Made Easy, head over to our contact page and send us a message! We’re here to help.

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