How to type emojis on a computer

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Emojis, emotes, smileys, or if you’re old school, emoticons.

Whatever you call them, they’ve become a part of our lives. And as a coach, if you write your content using a conversational tone then you’ve probably added one (or more!) to your emails, posts, or pages.

Sometimes there’s a handy button to click which lets you insert an emoji… but what if there isn’t?

If you’re writing on your phone then it’s no problem because your phone’s on-screen keyboard probably has a built-in emoji picker.

But did you know that there’s an emoji picker for most laptops and desktop computers too? 😲

Read on to learn how to get emojis while using Windows or Mac.

How to type emojis on Windows 10

Type emojis on a computer using the Windows 10 emoji picker

To open the emoji picker on a Windows laptop or computer, press the Windows Key + period. The Windows key + semicolon keyboard shortcut also works.

To search for an emoji, start typing a word that describes what you’re looking for. It’s a “live search” or “smart search” so the picker will automatically filter the emojis as you type!

Once you see an emoji that you want to use, just click on it with your mouse.

To close the picker press ESC or click back into wherever you were first typing.

How to type emojis on Mac

If your laptop or computer is from Apple, you can open the emoji picker by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + CMD + Space.

You can also right click (hold CTRL and click) where your cursor is then choose Emoji & Symbols from the context menu that pops up.

Here’s a short but helpful tutorial which also has some bonus tips about the Emoji & Symbols window on Mac.

Now you can type emojis even while on a computer! 🙌

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