Infostack Review: Is the Coach to Profit 3.0 Super Stack worth it?

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Is the Coach to Profit 3.0 Super Stack worth it? Coaching programs can be extremely expensive and hard to follow through on, but Infostack has done a great job at keeping things affordable for its customers. The amount of coaching and training included the Coach to Profit Super Stack is extensive!

Let’s take a more in-depth look at it and see if it’s worth it for your coaching business.

But before we get into the Coach to Profit package, we’ll take a look at Infostack, the platform offering this coaching deal.

What is Infostack?

Infostack offers you the best digital resources with discounts and online deals. Through their portal, you’ll be able to gain access to products and software to help you with all types of products and resources. This includes coaches!

They offer daily deals and claim to help you save up to 99% on the tools, resources, and information.

Infostack is offering a new package (Coach to Profit 3.0) for coaches, which you will find has been brought together to create a unique selection of coaching resources to help you sell your products and services as well as improve your own skills.

It’s aimed at helping everyone within the coaching industry, regardless of what type of coach they are!

Now that you have an idea about Infostack, let’s talk more about their Coach to Profit offer.

What is Coach to Profit 3.0 all about?

The Coach to Profit 3.0 Super Stack is an extensive collection of tools, training, and resources. This massive collection of tools is designed to help you close clients on autopilot, become instantly referable, get major publicity, develop and refine new skills, and essentially grow your coaching business faster.

It’s the ultimate package for coaches.

What’s included in Coach to Profit 3.0

The Coach to Profit 3.0 Super Stack includes a massive collection of resources, here is a quick peek at some of those resources you’ll gain access to:

  • Video courses on how to create a coaching business and grow it successfully;
  • Access to the website builder for coaches (Life Coach Sites Made Easy)
  • Video courses about how to work with clients, establish trust and credibility, and make progress in sessions;
  • Video courses on leading people using your voice, words, and body language;
  • Audio courses about the ins and outs of running a successful coaching business;
  • 35 premium bonuses that will help you grow your coaching business;
  • A full library of resources and tools for a coaching business to grow and thrive.

This includes lifetime access to:

13 Complete ECourses

5 Advanced Master Classes

4 Training Programs

5 Unique Chart Topping Resources

But who is behind these tools and resources?

They’re designed by today’s leading coaching experts, including:

And much more.

Did we mention that the total cost of all of this outside of this exclusive deal would cost you a whopping $7,520.40, however through Infostack, you get it all at an insanely massive discounted price. Which we’ll get to in just a minute!

What Special Value Does the Coach To Profit 3.0 Super Stack Include?

The Coach To Profit 3.0 Super Stack is designed to help you get more clients, make more money, and help your coaching business grow!

We’ve talked about how much is included in the package, but we still have more! The deal comes with exclusive bonus access to:

Lifetime Discount to Payhip Pro Package ($99 Value) – Simplify your payment processing with the versatile platform, which takes care of all your digital selling needs in an easy-to-use all-in-one eCommerce solution that works across the world and has been used by over 130,000 sellers.

12 months access Verb Coaching Communication Platform at 50% off ($1,000 Value) – With the power of AI, you can improve your fitness and health coaching services as well as the lives of your clients.

6 months access to Social Visionary Network Membership ($210 Value) – Access the most effective social media methods for capturing your target audience, building your business network, and increasing your influence and revenue.

6 months membership to Satori Profit Pack ($234 Value) – The all-in-one platform that makes working with coaching clients a snap – automate your calendar, create coaching programs, take online reservations, and onboard clients with just a few taps.

6 months access to CoachVantage SAAS Platform ($174 Value) – Manage your coaching business from anywhere using the Cloud so you can focus on changing lives with your coaching skills!

3 months subscription to Heights Platform ($237 Value) – Thousands of instructors in over 100 countries utilize the online course building tool to host and construct the most effective learning platform for selling their online courses and digital goods.

3 months access to Life Coach Sites Made Easy Complete Package ($177 value) – With the simple website builder developed particularly for coaches to generate more in less time, you can quickly build your audience, book clients, and get unique services and so much more!

So, the question comes, how much does such an awesome package cost?

You may be surprised at how little you have to spend to be able to invest in yourself with all of these tools and resources.

How Much Does Coach To Profit 3.0 Cost?

The Coach to Profit package is available FOR ONLY $49.

That’s right, the coaching program designed to improve your business has an incredibly low price tag. And that’s not a subscription, it’s a one-time fee.

It doesn’t cost anywhere near what most quality coaching programs do because Infostack has been able to reduce the price of these resources by teaming up with leaders in the industry. All while still providing the same amount of information.

You can save up to 99% on these resources by investing in this package through Infostack. Plus it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee (full refund if you’re not satisfied).

Hear What Others Have Said About It

Infostack is always looking for ways to help entrepreneurs to improve their business. They’ve done it again with this incredible deal of resources and tools that will help you grow your coaching business. Let’s hear what others have said after investing in the Coach to Profit Super Stack.

“As a new coach there are so many questions that come up about how to launch and grow your practice and this package really equips you with everything you need!

Save your money and your sanity with the Coach To Profit 3.0 Super Stack then USE IT!”

Nicole Holland
Investor and business growth advisor, founder of Be More You Media featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post.

“THIS is the kind of giveaway that gives giveaways a good name! There’s so much value in the Coach to Profit 3.0 Super Stack, I’m buying this for myself to get my hands on all the other great resources, tools, and training!”

David Newman
Founder of Do It! Marketing and creator of the Expert Profit Formula mentoring program whose helped 1,800 coaches get more leads, prospects, and sales.

“I can’t wait for you to get into the Coach to Profit 3.0 Super Stack. Not only do you get the best possible resources to help you get paid to change lives, but you also get access to my “3 Hour Niche Masterclass” – a $149 value – for free!”

Jeffrey T. Sooey
Founder of Master Coach University

Is Coach to Profit Worth It?

Yes! Almost every business owner needs a little coaching, this includes coaches. And at a price so low, it’s worth investing in yourself and your business.

We all need some guidance at one point or another in our lives so why not take advantage of this great offer while it’s available instead of paying hundreds, even thousands later for similar information.

This program can be used by anyone who runs their own coaching business whether they are just starting out or have been running their own coaching company for years.

The Coach to Profit 3.0 Super Stack is an important tool for any coach or consultant looking to give themselves the best chance at success.


🌟 Creating a coaching funnel that keeps your client pipeline full

🌟 Discovering the secret to closing every proposal, billing for maximum long term revenue, and turning soft leads into your best clients

🌟 Helping your clients achieve their deepest, most meaningful breakthroughs

And now it’s time to stop imagining.

Everything you need to succeed is right here.

And it’s backed by Infostack’s industry leading, 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

That means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don’t miss out.

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