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My name is Steven Bell, and executive coaching is my passion. From a young age, I developed a keen interest in self-motivation and perseverance. In my youth, I worked diligently alongside my parents to maintain our family business. 

Watching my family cultivate their dreams into a successful business drove me to pursue a degree in business at the University of California. However, while attending University I began to feel a calling for something bigger.

This calling gave way to an interest and the interest birthed a passion and that passion was to help others. I took this new idea and ran with it, completely changing my original plan of a simple business degree. 

In 2005 I majored in Psychology with a minor in business. This unique set of degrees has helped me come full circle in my ability to help others in a field I have known all my life...business.

Now 15 years later my beautiful wife Jenah and our 3 children live in Berkley where I work with others to help them attain their goals. My drive is to help executives and to promote mindful shifts in business thinking. With my experience, I have helped executives achieve new perspectives and thought processes that have directly helped to overcome obstacles and generate business.


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From Top Executives and Leaders

"Steven’s many years of experience and powerful insights have helped me achieve what I've been working so hard for. He provided me with the guidance and direction I needed to be the successful woman I am today. I can't thank you enough."

Christine Walton

Executive at JMN

“Steven is a master in his field. Our One on One sessions have helped me achieve the next level. I couldn't recommend him more. "

Russell Kennedy


“This book distills Steven’s many years of experience and powerful insights into one highly-readable volume”

Janice Griffin

Owner of Janice Griffin

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