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Health Is A Lifestyle

Hi All!

My Name Is Sara and I Am A Certified Health Coach With A Degree In Health & Nutrition.

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and have dedicated my life to healthy living. I went to Ohio State University (GO BUCKEYES!) and graduated with my degree in health and nutrition.

When we are kids "body image" isn't a thought that crosses our minds. It's drilled into us from the world around us. Because of that, we throw ourselves at diet foods and constantly try to count our calories to stay on track. But that isn't the way our bodies aren't meant to live. I replace unhealthy dieting plans and tricks into positive healthy lifestyles instead.

I focus on changing how people live and the choices they make. Your body will be healthier and happier then it ever has before! Let me help you along a journey that will transform your life.

Relationship With Food

A journey towards a healthy lifestyle starts with your relationship with food. What we put into our bodies is going to dictate how we feel, sleep, and look. That doesn't mean going on a hardcore diet for the rest of your life though. It means living a healthy lifestyle by making healthy choices.


Regular Exercise

To live healthily also means to live active. Exercising on a regular basis is part of our bodies stay in the shape they need to live a longer and happier life. That doesn't mean working out at the gym every single day for hours on end though. There needs to be balanced and that includes working out at the gym.

Join Me

It's Time To Start Your Journey and Live A Healthier Life

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