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Through custom and proven sales training ­techniques Hanna Coaching is here to help you improve your personable and sales skills. Sales are constantly evolving and it requires that you stay sharp with the core selling techniques that even the most elite sales reps can forget or get wrong. Through the implementation of our sales training program, I can help you increase revenue while lowering costs and increasing margins. 

1 On 1 Sales Coaching

Let's work together and help you become the best salesman on the team! This 1 on 1 course is designed to help you take your sales game to the next level!

Sales Leader Coaching

Even the top salesman need coaching too. Join my advanced sales techniques program designed to help even the best salesman. Are you ready?

Group Sales Coaching

Is your business looking to improve the sales for all of your team members? This group setting course is designed to help the whole team improve!

From My Clients


Since working with Hanna, my sales have skyrocketed. I have never felt so confident!

Anna Alvarez

Exceptional course and training. Within just one month I have noticed a massive difference in my performance and so has my company. Promotion, here I come!

Victoria Larson
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How Does The Coaching Work?

“Don't bother telling the world you are ready. Show it. Do it." – Peter Dinklage

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Tomorrow’s Sales Leaders

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